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Sports Ground & Clubhouse


The Sports Ground is located on the south side of the A-272, just next to Chailey Heritage.  A Club House is provided on the same site.  Both the Sports Ground and the Club House, currently undergoing renovation, are leased by Chailey Sports Club from Chailey Parish Council.  In pursuance of the renovation works, Chailey Sports Club are appealing for more funds from the residents of Chailey.  See the Appeal from the Chair of the Sports Club here.

The sports clubs listed below make use of the Sports Ground facilities.  Click on the relevant link for more information.


Chailey Cricket Club

Chailey Stoolball Club 

Chailey & Newick Colts Football Club



Club House at Chailey Sports Ground (under renovation)

Club House at Chailey Sports Ground (under renovation)

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