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Ste Testing at Chagley Corner 14th & 20th October

Chailey Parish Council were informed this afternoon that workers will undertaking testing on the Chagley Corner site (junction on Oxbottom Lane / South of A272) on the 14th & 20th October.

The work involves machinery. The Parish Council have been advised that this is not development starting on site and the results of this work will inform the technical work that will be submitted with any forthcoming planning application. This information was provided by Reside Developments Ltd who recently held a public consultation on the site. Chailey Parish Council responded to the consultation as follows:

Chailey Parish Council’s response to Chagley Corner, Newick – Public Consultation.


Chailey Parish Council in the past have received several proposals for development on the site at the junction of Oxbottom Lane and the A272. The Council have objected to previous applications and the latest proposal from Reside Developers has not altered their opinion. The points numbered below reflect the objections which have previously resulted in refusal of planning permission on the site.

  1. There is risk of serious flooding on the site and to surrounding areas that would become even more damaged if a greater area was concreted over. As an example, an adjacent area of land developed on a couple of years ago has created problems for nearby residents living on Lower Station Road; waste water runs from the development on to some of the gardens on Lower Station Road. The problem to this day has not been resolved despite interactions with Lewes District Council. CPC and those residents living nearby would be extremely fearful that the proposed development would generate the same serious issues.


  1. The already difficult traffic situation would be exacerbated if more vehicles sought to access the A272 from Oxbottom Lane as would the risks to pedestrians, horse riders and dog walkers using both Oxbottom Lane and Cinder Hill (already a notorious “rat run” for traffic seeking to get to Lewes.


  1. The gap between the distinct villages of Chailey and Newick would disappear. Both Parishes do not wish to see a coalescence of the two villages.  Newick Parish Council has already signalled its opposition to this development which would erode the gap between the two villages, specifically mentioned in national as well as local planning policies as undesirable and not intended. 


The Appeal decision for a nearby site in Oxbottom Lane (May 2018) found that that ‘appeal site is outside of any built-up area boundary as defined in the Local Plan and is, in policy terms, in the countryside, falling between the villages of North Chailey and Newick’.


The proposed mix of houses is inconsistent with the relevant housing policy in Chailey Neighbourhood Plan; overall, the quiet rural character of this historic part of Chailey would be destroyed if the proposed development were to go ahead. The residential development proposed does not fall within any of the exceptional categories.


  1. CPC are dubious about the “affordable” housing being affordable to those that truly have a need for it.


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