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Mill Lane/A275 Crossing Point

The Parish Council has commissioned East Sussex Highways to prepare a Feasibility Study in regard to improving provision for students and others crossing the A275 between the Brickyard Lane bus-stop and Mill Lane.

We requested that the Study advise on feasibility and cost of placing an orange flashing warning light either side of this crossing, timed to operate at School arrival and departure times, and so to warn motorists that young people might be crossing the A275. We have received the Study and residents will find it HERE. A plan of the proposals may be found HERE.

The estimated cost of the Scheme (which in part depends on identifying a suitable connection to UK Power Networks supply) is of the order of £20,000. The Council can apply for East Sussex to pay up to half this cost under Community Match, so reducing the cost to the Parish Council by perhaps 50%.  At our Council meeting on Tuesday March 21st the decision was made to put forward an application for Community Match.

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