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Community Speedwatch

The reactivated Community Speedwatch group has been active for two years. Our purpose is to get people to slow down and modify their driving behaviour and not necessarily to “catch people”.

You probably have seen us active in several locations in Chailey on a variety of days and times. Since reactivation, a recent session for the first time recorded no vehicles exceeding the limit. We hope that our presence has influenced drivers approaching the village, to check their speed and slow down if necessary. We all probably at some time have been surprised by how fast we have been driving and these sessions just remind us all to take care.  Requests continue to come in for us to undertake more sessions and in more locations but this is only possible with new recruits. The time commitment is not great, as little as a couple of hours a month, and is tailored to your needs. Training is in two parts. The first is online and informs or reminds you about the regulations and teaches how a session operates. This done at your own pace and split into sections, after each is an online test of your knowledge. When you pass this test you can move on to the next. This can be repeated, if necessary, until you have the required knowledge.

You can study it in one session, or you can do a little at a time spread over as many days as you like. Most of us found it a very useful reminder of the law and highway code and improved our own driving.

Once this is completed , you then join a session with others and the practical tuition of how to use the speed gun and record details is shown to you. Once this is completed and you are confident, you are ready to be a full active member. You are always with other members with experience.  Details of Community Speedwatch can be found here:

If you would prefer to talk to someone first about Speedwatch, you can write to Parish Councillor Nick Belcher at


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