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Chailey Factory Clay Stockpile Building

Ibstock are making plans for this years Clay Winning and Stockpiling at their Chailey Factory.

It is planned that this will take commence as of 12th July and last for approximately three working works. The exact starting date will depend upon weather conditions and contractor's availability. The work associated with the clay winning within the factor area will be limited between 0800 hours and 1700 hours Monday to Friday. Two half hour breaks will be taken during the working day. Ibstock are putting in a number of measures to keep any possible disruptions to neighbours to a minimum. The stockpile that they are building in the factory area is being limited to 6 metres in height. This will result in the majority of work taking place below the height of the existing bund around the area. The reduction in the height of stockpile has reduced the noise carry over. The mobile plant being used on the stockpile has been chosen for their minimum noise levels. Please contact Nathan Johnson, Technical / Deputy Quarry Manager on 01273 400212 should you require further information.

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