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Budget and precept for 2018/19

At its meeting on 16th January 2018 the Council agreed its budget for the financial year 2018/19 (starting on 1st April 2018) and also set the precept for that year.

Councillors agreed that the full increase in the Council's budgeted expenditure should not be passed on to residents. Instead the Council's reserves should be used to restrict a rise in the precept to 5%. This increase means that a household in Band D for Council Tax purposes will pay an additional £2.12p in 2018/19, equating to about 18p per month.

Graphs showing what the Council will spend in 2018/19 and how this will be paid for can be found here. A commentary on the figures can be found here.

The Clerk will be pleased to answer any questions and/or provide further detail on either the budget or the precept.

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